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SubjectRe: random lockups on new computers
On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, David Hamm wrote:

> I just purchased several new computers. 366 mhx Celerons with 32 mg ram

I have an ASUS P5A, with a K6-II/400MHz chip. I bought the CPU, the
motherboard, and 128MB PC-100 SDRAM from the same place. It was flaky
(random segfaults and other errors, especially when compiling the kernel)
when the bus speed was 100MHz, and stable at 95MHz.

I swapped everything out, and it still failed. Finally, in desperation, I
took my 128MB DIMM and traded it for my parents' two 64MB DIMMS. (They had
a PII/450 on an "Ozzie" MB).

Now, *both* systems are stable at 100MHz. Apparently there are subtle
variations in memory that can make it work on one board and not on

You could try slowing the bus speed, or getting completely different RAM
form somewhere. Also, in one of your messages you said that the DIMMS you
had were from different manufacturers. You could try using only one DIMM
at a time and see if the problem is limited to one type of chip.


Ray Ingles (248) 377-7735

Microsoft Windows - The first fully modular software disaster.

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