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    SubjectRe: random lockups on new computers
    On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, you wrote:
    > > Thank you.. I've not tried that. My current effort is turning off the level 2
    > > cache on the cpu. It seems to have worked on one of the 4 computers I've tested.
    > don't. it's pointless, and only masks the problem, which is almost
    > certainly ram. disabling the L2 merely cripples the processor, so its
    > external timings can be dealt with by bugus dram. I don't believe it's
    > even possible to get broken L2 from manufacturers these days, since
    > AMD/Intel test it.
    > > Now I'm trying it on one of the others. I'm using an ASUS P2BF mb with a
    > > 366mhz Celeron cpu and 32 megs of SDRAM. In the bios the SDRAM Configuration
    > > setting is set to "BY SPD". The options are 7ns, 8ns, and disabled. Do you
    > > have a suggestion on which to select?
    > first, what kind of stram is it? and what external clock are you running?
    > 66 MHz, I hope. yes, "by spd" should be fine, but there are numerous other
    > settings that effect whether it all works (the main being the external clock).

    Thanks for the reply. The external clock is set to 66 mhx acording to the
    jumpers on the mohterboard. The ram I'm using has two labels on it. One says
    PC-100 Q-4SD64. The other says 505089/35 /SDIM4X6410PC100. The chips have
    numbers that look like this.
    9922 1-1
    MT 48LC4M16A2
    TG -8e B

    As you can tell I know little about hardware so any suggestions are

    David Hamm
    Systems Analyst
    Imaging Technologies Services Inc.
    voice: 404-870-6663

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