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SubjectRe: Microsecond resolution timers - final word
Hi Robert.

>> * Can you get an interrupt for each bit accepted?

> No chance. For various reasons, it's not possible for me to
> modify the hardware.

When you say "modify the hardware", do you mean just the device at the
far end of the wire, or the PC as well?

If the former, I would seriously consider some sort of simple
interface to do the serialisation/deserialisation for you, probably
along the lines of a PIC microcontroller programmed to talk standard
parallel port on one side and whatever the remote device requires on
the other...

Best wishes from Riley.

| There is something frustrating about the quality and speed of Linux |
| development, ie., the quality is too high and the speed is too high, |
| in other words, I can implement this XXXX feature, but I bet someone |
| else has already done so and is just about to release their patch. |

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