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    SubjectRe: Linux Workstation and Server
    shane yan wrote:
    > Could you please let me know the major difference between the Linux server
    > and Linux workstation?
    This is completely off-topic on both lists and had better been asked on
    However, there are _no_ "Linux server" and "Linux workstation" versions.
    You are talking about Windows NT!
    If that question has been raised within the installation procedure of
    you distribution, then take a look at the handbook to see what's the

    > Thanx,
    > Shane
    > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Shane Yan <>
    > Software Consultant
    > Keane Inc.
    > Shane Yan
    > Software Consultant <>
    > Keane Inc.
    > Netscape Conference Address
    > Additional Information:
    > Last Name Yan
    > First Name Shane
    > Version 2.1
    How do you update yourself? Downloading v2.2 from
    (sorry, could not resist :-)

    Your signature is _way_ too long...


    Marc Mutz <>
    University of Bielefeld, Dep. of Mathematics / Dep. of Physics

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