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Subjectupdate & latencytest
Dirk Moerenhout discourseth:
> Benno never answered my question if he had disabled update when doing the
> tests on 2.2.8+ kernels. I still fear that this could've been a problem in
> his setup. The new kflushd works differently then update which sync'd on a
> which wasn't all that intelligent. Certainly if you run a new kernel with
> kflushd and at the same time the good old update you are not doing it
> correct. So I'd really wanna see somebody test it while being sure the old
> update is not running.

plain 2.2.10 + update
4.4ms ( 0)|
6.1ms ( 42)|
22.8ms (515)|
22.5ms (684)|
9.5ms ( 23)|

plain 2.2.10 no update
1.9ms ( 0)|
6.1ms ( 21)|
22.8ms (536)|
22.3ms (666)|
9.9ms ( 18)|


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