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SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] Re: Some Audiality info...
On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, Dirk Moerenhout wrote:
> > BTW, I would like to know if somebody is working on the kernel problems
> > shown by Benno Senoner. That is, audio RT process handling A/D & D/A
> > should not freeze during heavy disk usage.
> Benno never answered my question if he had disabled update when doing the
> tests on 2.2.8+ kernels. I still fear that this could've been a problem in
> his setup. The new kflushd works differently then update which sync'd on a
> which wasn't all that intelligent. Certainly if you run a new kernel with
> kflushd and at the same time the good old update you are not doing it
> correct. So I'd really wanna see somebody test it while being sure the old
> update is not running.
> Dirk Moerenhout ///// System Administrator ///// Planet Internet NV

Sorry for not answering, maybe I lost your mail , or did not notice you

No update/bdflush was running on my 2.2.9 kernel.
I checked this first throug grepping for "update" or
"bdflush" in the process list.
It seems that even if update was not much intelligent,
inserting shcedule() calls helps very much, we still are all waiting for
Mingo's latest killer patch. :-)
When I get the patch and and the testresult I will post them.


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