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SubjectRe: nice troll (was: All this resource-fork AKA multiple streamnonsense)
> Well, let's try an refocus on what I was trying to say.

Um, you then say a lot of things which have nothing to do with albods,
file forks, and etc. Which is what I thought you were talking about in
the note I replied to.

If you want to say "Macs have a nice environment", people will
generally agree. If you want to say that because of that general
statement about the Mac being nice, you think albods should go into the
kernel, you shouldn't be surprised that people go: Huh?

> The Macintosh (NeXTStep too) is one of the only graphics
> system that had correct color handling, cross screen promotion
> of windows, etc..., it is shows when you use and program
> for that machine.

Nothing to do with albods... or the kernel.

> Photoshop/Illustrator wouldn't have come if it wasn't for
> the quality of the API and you've got to give credit that community
> for doing it well the first time around.

Nothing to do with albods... or the kernel.

> Aesthetics and organizational psychology was also an important
> aspect of the GUI design. These benifits show when you use the machine.

Nothing to do with albods... or the kernel.

> I certainly can't say that about X, in that the Unix community in
> general is extremely narrow minded about technical details without
> any regard to the more human aspects of GUI environments.

Nothing to do with albods... or the kernel.

> There's a wierd lag in the mail system.
> I thought this thread was dead weeks ago.

I got your message after a long gap; perhaps it took a journey through
a black hole...

-- g

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