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SubjectRe: tcp or telnet problem?
Sean McEwan wrote:
> This suggestion only applies if the customer's box is the RedHat one,
> and you are using MS's telnet.
> When I have a telnet session going from Win95 to RedHat 5.2, and I run
> the 'top' command, I only get the first 5 lines, and the header line
> for the processes. No processes actually show up. If I use netterm
> (trial download available at to telnet, I can see
> processes within top. Maybe this is a similar thing?

AFAIK, that's just a terminal emulation thing. top doesn't really
display correctly on anything much other than the linux console or a
real xterm. Terminal types like vt100 just tend to confuse
it...especially if there's any bugs in the terminal's handling of the
type that it claims to support.


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