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SubjectRe: tcp or telnet problem?
This suggestion only applies if the customer's box is the RedHat one,
and you are using MS's telnet.

When I have a telnet session going from Win95 to RedHat 5.2, and I run
the 'top' command, I only get the first 5 lines, and the header line
for the processes. No processes actually show up. If I use netterm
(trial download available at to telnet, I can see
processes within top. Maybe this is a similar thing?


Joe Julian wrote:
> Running redhat 6.0 with redhat's kernel 2.2.5-22.
> I telnet into my customer's box, they on a DSL line,
> me on a dialup. I can login, and do most things just
> fine. But if I do anything that produces more than
> about 1/3rd of a screen of info, my output goes away.
> I can no longet see anything I type, nor any output
> from any operation. A second telnet's ps shows that my
> commands are being executed, but all output is going
> in the bit bucket.
> I kinda think that this is probably in the kernel
> somewere because if I take the same output that would
> kill a session, and instead output it to the other pty
> (ie. "netstat -t >/dev/pty/1"), it kills that pty.
> Again, that pty continues to accept input, but the
> output is never found again.
> If i do any of that from their local network, it works
> fine (a tcp latency problem?).
> Any ideas, or help with things to do to diagnose this
> problem would be highly appreciated as I have 5 more
> of these exact installations to do.
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