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    SubjectRe: real-time threaded IO with low latency (audio)

    On Fri, 23 Jul 1999, Oliver Xymoron wrote:

    > Exactly. But it has never been intended to be a realtime system in the
    > true sense of the word. Nor is that something we want to aim for. Consider
    > for a moment that systems like QNX don't implement things like the page
    > faulting half of virtual memory (though they still have separate address
    > spaces) and ask yourself why they don't even in 1999 and you might begin
    > to understand why there will never be an absolute guarantee on latency in
    > Linux. Our average performance will be better though.

    i agree that we are far from being RT, but i can see no contradiction
    between having page-faultable virtual memory and soft-RT (or even
    hard-RT). Obviously the RT process wants to use mlock().

    -- mingo

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