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SubjectRe: real-time threaded IO with low latency (audio)
On Fri, Jul 23, 1999 at 02:20:53AM -0400, Paul Barton-Davis wrote:
> it depends on what you mean by "any defined time". if a SCHED_FIFO
> task is *not* running, and an interrupt occurs, then my sense of the
> kernel code is that you are *guaranteed* that it will be scheduled to
> run immediately. if the timer interrupts aren't frequent enough for
> you, you need some other source of interrupts. for these purposes,
> those of the soundcard itself work pretty well.

Try running
while(1){ write(1,buf,1024*1024*8); }

while a SCHED_FIFO task is scheduled and see response time.
Linux is designed to optimize average case response time. And it should be.

> This is what I mean by latency not being a problem. The difficulty
> arises as soon the system is no longer quiescent: the kernel starts

Everything is easy when the system is not doing anything.

> grabbing locks, and the SCHED_FIFO thread gets shut out for several
> msecs. This is bad for all of us. One reason why BeOS is a
> "multimedia" OS is that they recognized that the old idea of what an
> application "does" is wrong (i.e. many "modern" applications do 98% of
> their I/O to the video card and/or a soundcard).Lock-taking to protect
> what would have historically been universal (or at least heavily worn)
> paths through the kernel is now often just an impediment to timely
> execution. Yes, the scheduler still needs some global locks, as does
> the VM/MM system, but very else little else should be guarded in the
> way it is now. Everyone on l-k knows this - its just a big task to
> change it.

Linux is not losing time locking/unlocking, it loses response time by not
preempting tasks in kernel mode. But preempting tasks in kernel mode would
be a terrible design choice for a general purpose OS and it a terrible pain in the
ass to maintain.

BTW: I have never seen any serious performance numbers on BEOS. Do you have a source?

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