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SubjectRe: New virtual in-memory file system
On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Riley Williams wrote:

> > --8<--cut here--------------
> > begin 644 virtfs.tar.gz
> > M'XL(`/`UEC<``^T\:7O:V-7YBG[%R?(DV&&UC=W@<=XR-DYHO#V`9^D7C4`7
> > MT&,M6%?8X>VDO[WGG'NU`7;B)LY,6_1,'7&7L]^S26JE>N.$T4A6GSS>!3NU
>===8<=== CUT ===>8===
> > M%YN(W#<*N>\LU22\?(GC-*PX+:/[CGA._6&.>4T>]1#&PA<AIG0I@)5?-8V<
> > =M=]<7^MK?:VO];6^UM?Z6E]_Y/4O"<%%3@!0````
> > `
> > end
> > --cut here-->8--------------
>Obvious comment: What's all that junk for? I would presume it's some
>sort of encrypted version of your file system, but I've no means of
>handling it so can't do anything with it...
>Best wishes from Riley.

That is "uuencoding" which was THE standard for sending binary
files via email not too long ago. Around 1995, MIME encoding
(base64) started to become the new defacto standard. You can cut
the file out, paste it into a text file, and then run:

uuencode < filename.uue

on it.. Or you can just tell the person to use something more
sensible next time. ;o)

Mike A. Harris Linux advocate GNU advocate
Computer Consultant Open Source advocate

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot...

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