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SubjectRe: Device naming???
   Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 12:17:35 +1000
From: Dancer <>

"Theodore Y. Ts'o" wrote:
> The other solution for avoiding problems if a specific SCSI drive fails
> to spin up is to use entries in /etc/fstab of the following form:
> LABEL=tmp /tmp ext2 defaults 1 2
> UUID=3a30d6b4-08a5-11d3-91c3-e1fc5550af17 /usr ext2 defaults 1 2
> The latest mount supports this, as does the very latest e2fsprogs
> release (1.15, just released this week; see the e2fsprogs page at

Where's the UUID stored? On the drive? Wouldn't this cause problems with
systems involving hot-swap drives? (Ie: If a scratch drive fails (as
many have), and I go 'eek!', swap it and reboot, the drive UUID would be
different and I'd also have to edit the fstab, right?)

The UUID is stored in the superblock, as is the volume label. If you
have is a scratch drive which is freely interchangeable, then probably
the right thing to do is use a volume label of "scratch". Then when a
disk fails, you simply run "mke2fs -L scratch" to make the ext2
filesystem with the scratch drive label on the new disk, swap it for the
failed disk, and reboot, and the right thing will happen.

- Ted

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