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    SubjectRe: Out of memory -- System halted
    On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Bob_Tracy wrote:

    > Couldn't get 2.3.11 to boot with the vesafb mode switching enabled, so
    > I turned it off to see if there were any messages I might be able to
    > see with the console remaining in text mode. Looks like something
    > weird going on with memory sizeing/usage at boot time. I'm getting
    > "Out of memory -- System halted".


    Does bumping HEAP_SIZE in arch/i386/boot/compressed/misc.c to 0x3000
    help? I've run into this both with kdb and absolutely stock kernels.
    (kdb author solved problem) I also used to see this quite a bit when
    compiling with various versions of pgcc. (blamed maybe innocent pgcc;)


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