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SubjectRe: [PATCH] TCP Vegas implementation available
On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Rik van Riel wrote:

> On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Riley Williams wrote:
> > >> Would it help for us poor PPP over analog phone folks who
> > >> can only use up to 1/4th of the available bandwith with the
> > >> current TCP stack?
> >
> > > I get better than that over analog PPP, 28.8k -- your problem
> > > must be elsewhere ;)
> >
> > I'm not sure what limit is being referred to above, but I have a USR
> > Sportster 33k6/VoiceFax modem as my net link, and when I do ftp
> > transfers over it, I usually get around 3.7k per second. That's pretty
> > much 100% of the available bandwidth by my calculation...
> I assume you're talking about _download_ bandwidth. I get
> 100% on downloads as well -- it's just that _uploads_ seem
> to be restricted to about 25% of the bandwidth :(
I also have a USR 33.6 sporster and I can get 3000cps on uploads
sometimes. Usually it's 1200cps
My connections used to suck but they have improved over the course of the
2.2.x series.



As a computer I find your faith in technology amusing.

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