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SubjectRe: The stability crisis
On 1 Jul 1999, Peter Mutsaers wrote:

> >> "AL" == Aaron Lehmann <> writes:
> AL> I think one of the kernel developers (Alan Cox?) rejected
> AL> bugzilla for the kernel. Is a bug database going to be
> AL> integrated into BitKeeper?
> Why not just use GNATS and CVS, which are available now? They seem
> adequate for *BSD. B.t.w. using FBSD -current as well, I must say that
> somehow they do manage to have the development branch (4.0) with lots
> of innovation going on stay rock solid, let alone the official -stable
> branch (which gets lots of backports of fixes and safe improvements
> from -current).
> I really like Linux features, good hardware support etc but I think it
> is such a pity it doesn't try to borrow a bit more from the good
> things of other free projects.
Thats BS I've used both Linux and Freebsd and have been bitten by bugs in
I've had a Freebsd machine rebooting every 4 hours due to kernel bugs
(upgrade fixed it) One is no better than the other in this regard...



As a computer I find your faith in technology amusing.

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