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    SubjectRe: hashtables allocated with __get_free_pages()
    On Thu, 1 Jul 1999, Linus Torvalds wrote:

    >Dynamic sizing, nothing more.

    Yes, but my complain is in the way we used to alloc the dynamic sized
    memory. (not that we are not allocing via static array in .bss, I know
    we can't such way).

    I think we can easily split the initialization in buffer_hash_init and
    buffer_init, and we can call buffer_hash_init when memory_start can be
    still moved ahead. We grab the raw kernel memory (the free-area-list are
    not initilialized yet) and we can grab all the memory we want, it will be
    all physical contigous and it will fit in the 4mbyte pagetable with the
    kernel (or in kseg in Alpha and Mips).

    In buffer_hash_init the only difference will be that instead of
    __get_free_pages(order) in a loop, we'll have simply to do:

    start_mem = LONG_ALIGN(start_mem);
    hash_table = start_mem;
    return start_mem + (PAGE_SIZE<<order);

    I'll produce a patch soon (just to verify that I am not dreaming :).

    (then we can remove all such additional order lists from page_alloc)


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