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Subjectnfs compatibility bug between linux and other os'es
We encountered the following bug when nfs mounting directories
from Solaris Servers, AIX Servers and Network Appliance Filers:

the mkfifo command (and the C statement itself as well) fail to
create real fifos. Instead they create "normal" files. If we create
a fifo on a NetApp Filer coming from a Solaris machine the linux
box will show it as a character device mith major/minor 255/255.

We've tested it thorough all kernels from 2.0.18 to 2.2.10. We're
using i386 architecture for our linux servers. Can anyone help us
here (bugfixes?).

Our goal is to create Linux servers rootmounted on the
NetApp filer.

P.S.: Using a linux box instead of a NetApp filer as nfs server
is no solution for us.

Thanks for your help in advance and please excuse me if i'm
off topic here. I just didn't know where else to place this



Andreas Brodmann <>

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