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SubjectRe: [Call For Wartectomy] CRLF conversion out of kernel

> JarJar Binks^W^WSupport for CRLF<->LF translation in the kernel
> must die. Unless somebody has damn good reasons for preserving this
> bogosity I'm going to exterminate the bloody thing. It is guilty in:
> a) breaking mmap() semantics.
> b) breaking lseek() semantics.
> c) breaking write() semantics.
> d) being bloody slow, painful and kludgy.
> e) making FAT support with the new page cache hard.
> f) confusing the hell of unaware victims^Wusers.
> g) bringing the list of magical filename extensions into the kernel.
> h) belonging to userland *and* being already implemented there.
> If somebody has really convincing arguments for preserving the sucker -
> tell. Otherwise it will die.

Kill it. Install podfuk and use

cat /mnt/file#cr to convert it from dos and

cat /etc/passwd#crlf > /mnt/file to convert it to dos.

If this is too inconvient, I guess few lines of C code into libvfs is
enough to do this kind of translation in userspace [I'm not going to
write them], so you could actually

cd /mnt#dos_brain_damage/ and see all files magically converted. You
could even implement /mnt#dos_brain_damage:txt,doc,c,pas/ if you
wanted to.

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