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SubjectRe: real-time threaded IO with low latency (audio)
David Olofson discourseth:
> >
> >Having looked at the RT-Linux documentation, my impression was that
> >its task programming environment was even more restrictive than that
> >for regular device drivers. That doesn't sound like a platform that
> >will produce interesting audio applications.

Ahhh..what I said was wrong. :)

> I can hardly see what you would want to do from within a signal
> processing plug-in that requires that you use anything but the CPU and
> the resources of the plug-in host.

I hadn't been thinking about the class of programs you're talking
about. I'm more into `music machines', and I've written one
( that gives me acceptable (1/50th
second) latency even on 100 HZ linux. But rtlinux does offer the
ability to replace other types of audio hardware. Best of all, under
rtlinux my stuff and your stuff can both run. :)



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