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SubjectRe: New kernel/resource.c
On 17-Jul-99 Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Jul 1999, Tom Leete wrote:
>> I was thinking that kernel/resource.c was a general distributed allocator of
>> ports, addresses, etc. & that it was also for USB, firewire, whoever needed
>> such things.
> The code in kernel/resource.c indeed _is_ meant to be used for anything.
> That obviously doesn't mean that it is necessarily _suitable_ for
> everything out there - it's definitely aimed for "regions of space",
> whether that space is IO port space, memory space, or IO-mapped memory
> space. Or any other kind of one-dimensional "extent resource".
> The resource code itself is completely agnostic about what resource it
> handles.
> However, there are then specific resources: the actual descriptors that
> are manipulated by the generic resource functions. THOSE have specific
> meaning. The two central ones are right now called "pci_io_resource" and
> "pci_mem_resource", and they are "central" only in the sense that those
> two resources are all that the old code ever handled at all.

why not name the structures with a generic name
and give the instance a use specific name
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