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SubjectRe: lockd problems
> I have a similar problem that Steven Hirsch's locker program triggers:
> For no descernable reason, sometimes an export will become Read-Only to
> everyone. If I then try to rmmod nfs and lockd, then I can't (they're
> busy). A reboot cures this, but it isn't consistant.
> That was with kernel 2.2.9, 2.2.10 produces similar results, though not
> exactly the same. nfsd can't restart in 2.2.10, because "address is in
> use".

You need to apply the kernel patches recommended in knfsd 1.4.6.

> Since I'm going to be shipping this in a server product, I need a kernel
> that can do this, plus cover the maximal amount of hardware. Is it only
> possible to go backwards, to 2.2.7 + nfsd patches? Or can I go forwards
> somehow?

If you want, you can try the VA kernel at

We use 2.2.7.


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