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    SubjectRe: Clearing the I/O caches? (for benchmark tests)

    On 14 Jul 1999 16:42:47 -0700, (Tom M. Kroeger) said:

    > In any case the memory exhausting approach still cleared far more
    > space than sys_sync & invalidate_buffers etc... (are these buffers
    > taken from ext2 when memory becomes very low?) Any idea as to why?

    Of course it will. Invalidating buffers etc. won't do anything about
    the page cache. A memory flush will also flush out the page cache very

    > You said ext2 keeps "recently-accessed bitmap buffers pinned", can
    > I just wait 30 second ( or however long) and then re-run the test?

    No. The last 8 inode and bitmap buffers accessed are pinned forever (or
    until a different buffer evicts one from the cache).


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