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SubjectRe: Corruption bug in CPU, kernel or tar
On Tue, Jul 13, 1999 at 05:13:28PM -0700, Nate Eldredge wrote:
> tar 1.12, Linux 2.2.10, and an AMD K6-3/450.
> I'm chasing a bug which I found while doing a stress-test with `(tar x;
> tar d) &' times seventeen. It involves occasional corruption of an
> extracted file (every few days). I've only been able to inspect the
> file once, although the error apparently happened another time. In the
> case I found, the file, an MP3 of about 70MB, had 32 bytes in error, on
> a 32-byte boundary. Further investigation showed that the erroneous 32
> bytes were also in

2.2.10 has several known data-corruption bugs. Can you try tracing this
problem with 2.2.10ac10 and see if it's reproducible?

Matthew Wilcox <>
"Windows and MacOS are products, contrived by engineers in the service of
specific companies. Unix, by contrast, is not so much a product as it is a
painstakingly compiled oral history of the hacker subculture." - N Stephenson

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