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SubjectRe: Corruption bug in CPU, kernel or tar
On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Andre M. Hedrick wrote:
> I do not think is is `tar' but the CPU-chipset combo plus egcs compiled
> for Intel and not for AMD. I have not had time to reproduce the test,
> but the FIC 503+ MVP3, BIOS 115JE35s with AMD K6-2/450 3D-Now on a stock
> Slackware 3.5 install would eat/barf/grow the root partition.
> Now that very same board revision (same shipping lot) with an Intel 233
> MMX work correctly. One should note that egcs+MVP3+K6-2/450 barfed and
> puked "gcc error 11" 54 times in trying to compile a 2.2.X kernel.
> HOWEVER, drop in the old Intel jobber and flawless compiles.

I have noticed that the motherboard voltage supplied to AMD K6 cpu by FIC
motherboards is sometimes too low. Try upping the voltage a notch or
two and see if that fixes it. It did for us on several K6 systems which
were experiencing random corruption / sig11.


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