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SubjectRe: Large disk partition over 300GB
Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> In article <>,
> Marc MERLIN <> wrote:
> >On 10 Jul 1999 22:30:01 -0700, Jeff - <> wrote:
> >>disk is about 320GB. But the file system only see roughly 265GB. Is this a
> >>limitation with the kernel or the file system? It is expected that the
> >>capacity of the formatted partition will be less. But in this case the loss
> >>is around 55GB (~ %18) which is quite significant.
> >
> >Reformat your partition with:
> >mke2fs -b 4096 -i 16384 -m 0 -s 1 /dev/device
> >
> >You may want to read the mke2fs and decide whether you want to decrease -i a
> >bit and maybe set -m to 1 instead of 0.
> Ofcourse you realize that setting -m to 1 or worse, 0, will result
> in a badly fragmented disk when it fills up and really bad performance.

I recommend not going below 2 or 3%. For large filesystems I think
that 5% is indeed a bit much.

I have a filesystem with -m 1. (I think that... ) I know what I'm
doing. That filesystem fills up to whatever I need, and then gets
completely whacked again. It is NOT slowly filling up and then
hoovering around the "almost full" range, like many filesystems do.

> The -b 4096 is good advice though, it should be the default on partions
> bigger than 100 MB or so. -i 16384 also isn't bad if you don't plan on
> storing lots (and that is _lots_) of small files.

It will be default soon. Calculate the average filesize for your
intended usage. Multiply by four for a safe margin.

The guys looking for oil will for example store at most a few thousand
300Mb files on a 300Gb partition. Add in a few ten-thousands small
files, and that'll be all. But maybe you're going to store millions of
small (< 1k) files, In that case, the 1k blocksize is not a bad idea,
and the many inodes config isn't too bad either.....

In conclusion, it pays to do the math on such VERY large filesystems.


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