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SubjectCorruption bug in CPU, kernel or tar
I would send this to comp.os.linux.hardware as well, but my news server
is broken :(

tar 1.12, Linux 2.2.10, and an AMD K6-3/450.

I'm chasing a bug which I found while doing a stress-test with `(tar x;
tar d) &' times seventeen. It involves occasional corruption of an
extracted file (every few days). I've only been able to inspect the
file once, although the error apparently happened another time. In the
case I found, the file, an MP3 of about 70MB, had 32 bytes in error, on
a 32-byte boundary. Further investigation showed that the erroneous 32
bytes were also in

This is suspicious as the K6-3 has cache lines of 32 bytes, and I have
stepping 1. However, I should like to know if anyone can think of
alternate explanations involving software problems. Is there anything
in tar or the kernel that handles 32-byte chunks and might be able to
cause such corruption? Alternatively, has anyone heard of similar
problems with the K6-3?

The machine has 128MB of ECC memory, 20GB WD IDE hard disk, FIC
motherboard with VIA chipset. All are brand new.

A CC by email would be appreciated if convenient.


Nate Eldredge

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