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    SubjectFINALLY SUCCESS (ThinkPad390E + 3Com Megahertz 3CCFE575BT)

    After fighting the beast for 4 days I finally get the 3CCFE575BT
    working w/ my IBM ThinkPad 390E. It was not a memory range conflict
    (which I suspected and tried to solve). The answer was much more
    simple: Lame IBM BIOS default setting (!!).


    -Under Windows98 the Hardaware Wizard (or whatever that stuff is
    called;) ) fails to find the drivers on the floppy disk, even with the
    latest 3Com driver disk (2.4 at the time of this writing).

    -Under Linux, all possible settings in mem ranges made the cardmgr to
    OOPs when loading the cb_enabler module.

    To solve:

    In IBM BIOS change the Config->Advanced Setup->Power->PCI Power Management
    setting from "Automatic" into "Disabled"

    And that's it. Just this. RH 6.0 installation (e.g.) goes smooth as silk
    afterwards, straight out of the box.

    Cheers, and many thanks to all that tried to help,


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