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    SubjectRe: [patch] syncppp.c and skb->priority
    Gergely Madarasz wrote:
    : > : shouldn't this read skb->priority=TC_PRIO_CONTROL ?
    : > :
    : > I don't know - I can see only one occurence of TC_PRIO_CONTROL
    : > in the 2.2.10 and 2.3.9 trees. What is TC_PRIO_CONTROL expected to do?
    : I guess in this case it would mean link control protocol... higher
    : priority than normal packets. Anyway Alan told me to use it, so I guess it
    : does the right thing (and I tested it, it really does the right thing :))
    I have tested it, it works (but didn't find why - or why setting
    it to 0 or 1 does not work). This must be hard-coded somewhere,
    the TC_PRIO_CONTROL is not used anywhere.

    Gergely, can you send Alan the patches to syncppp.c and dev.c?
    I think it should be incorporated in the kernel sources.

    BTW, I have found another problem with syncppp.c. In Sync PPP mode
    it does not work when I manually ifconfig one of the ends down and then up.
    It seems the LCP does not end. It helps to unplug the line physically
    for MAXALIVECNT keepalive packets - both ends then will agree the line
    is down and restart the LCP from the beginning.

    I can attach the debug output, but this one is easy to reproduce.
    I have to leave the Net for ~14 days, so I cannot dig into it further.
    Any ideas?


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    The new code base has not stabilized enough yet for benchmarking. Be patient,
    we'll be sure to delay NT5's release a bit, trust me... (DaveM)

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