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SubjectRe: Death of KERN_JAVA_* sysctl
On 1999-07-10T16:46:47,
Nate Eldredge <> said:

> I'm not complaining that Java support was removed, but I do think that
> the constants should have been left in. That way a program can deal
> with it at runtime (sysctl will fail) instead of not being able to
> compile.

I disagree violently. Why should the kernel headers pretend that a feature is
supported and then fail at runtime when we already know at compile time it
won't work?

I mean, in that case, lets add "KERN_DO_WHAT_I_REALLY_WANT". Programs can cope
with that at runtime then.

If a sysctl isn't supported for good anymore, it should be removed. The
program can check for this using autoconf or a Makefile define...

Lars Marowsky-Brée

Lars Marowsky-Brée
Network Management Netzdienste GmbH - DPN Verbund-Partner

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