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SubjectRe: If we cannot change file system semantics, we must concede that Bill Gates is right that Linux cannot innovate (was Re: (reiserfs) File systems are semantically impoverished compared) to databases

> Now, what we _could_ do is to provide a user-space library stub for
> other NFS clients which translates O_DIRECTORY() opens to a file into an
> open of something like "filename/.%%pseudodir%%", and have an NFS server
> which detects that pseudoname and munges it into an O_DIRECTORY open on
> the server side.

Aha - so Hans want open() to work on directories only when app does


? That will not break anything, but I doubt it is better than

open("/etc#opendirasfile", O_RDONLY)

which has advantage of easily going through network, advantage of user
being able to explicitly ask for this even for old apps (think cat
/etc - how do you convince cat to use O_OPEN_DIRECTORY_AS_FILE? You
add option? And why adding option when cat /etc#opendirasfile works

PS: The latter complete with syntax has one advantage: it is already
implemented ;-).

PPS: Hans, please try not to change subject lines in every
posting. The whole thread is much easier to kill that way :-).
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