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    SubjectRe: Preparations for ZD's upcoming Apache/Linux benchmark
    Thomas Wouters wrote:

    > All in all, the setup gets fairly hairy, especially when you have to take
    > stupid users into account. I personally doubt the speed difference between
    > khttpd+apache and an optimized apache or zeus or other webservers is worth
    > the trouble, especially when you start taking disk and network i/o speed and
    > latency into account. I'd spend more time showing how Apache/linux
    > outperforms MS/IIS in real-world applications than confusing my own
    > supporters with FUD :-)
    > But then, i might be wrong. i haven't seen much info on howmuch faster
    > khttpd could become, compared to a fast but simple httpd (and i gather there
    > isn't much, yet.) If the benifit is large enough, users will cope :-)

    I do _really_ agree with this. I think the people would be better
    helping in doing a well-behaved multithreaded (not multiprocess) Apache.
    Someone said two days ago that if we can not design eficient servers in
    user-space then it's the OS that needs to be fixed, and not the server
    moved into kernel space.

    I have been using Linux for 5 years now (my first distro was a Slack
    1.2, still have the CD ;-D), mainly for its _legendary_ stability, and
    with all this kernel-space-servers hype I'm starting to be afraid of my
    favorite OS becoming as unstable as my most hated other OS, which has
    moved a lot of things to kernel space...

    I'm in no way a micro-kernel advocate, just a stability advocate. In my
    opinion, kernel things are much more risky than user space things, but
    surely there are more kernel geeks here with a more valuable opinion
    than mine...


    Jorge Gonzalez <> -o)
    ICAI - Universidad Pontificia Comillas /\\
    Administrador de Sistemas _\_v

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