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Subjectaic7xxx-5.1.17 is released
This version of the aic7xxx driver is a bug fix release that fixes all known
bugs in the 5.1.15 and 5.1.16 driver versions that I have any way to
reproduce. There are still a few sporadic reports of systems here or there
that have some odd problems, but nothing that I have been able to identify and
reproduce. Anyone having any aic7xxx related problems is encouraged to give
this release their full attention and let me know if anything breaks. I'm
going away for about a week starting Friday so people will have plenty of time
to work it over by the time I get back. This update is not available via ftp
for various reasons at this time. In order to get this update, please go to If you have any problems, let
me know. There are 2.0.36 and 2.2.9 patches at that web site. No 2.3 patches
are available yet, but the 2.2 patch should go in fairly cleanly.

Doug Ledford <>
Opinions expressed are my own, but
they should be everybody's.

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