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SubjectRe: 2.2.x instabilities

Gee, it must be getting late there...

Alan Cox wrote:

> Though if you want maximum stability you should not be running a
> -ac patch.

Agreed, understood, and accepted. Your ac-patches often have tweaks
for the problems we're seeing, so they are eagerly and thankfully
received whenever posted.

> If people report bugs and expect rapid fixes to every bug they've
> forgotten <to> pick a vendor of their choice and buy a support
> contract.

very true, I hope I don't make such an unrealistic impression.

> Silence is also not "nothing occuring", often its combinations of
> reports that resolve a bug. One cases of "my computer crashed doing
> XYZ" may not help but 5 of them all with the same hardware do

right. I often work with customer support, so I understand the
process. Unfortunately the folks I deal with aren't as knowledgeable as
this crowd...


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