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SubjectRe: zero-copy TCP fileserving
Alan Cox wrote:

> > Why do several prominent firewall and networking companies shun or speak foul of our
> > networking, saying we drop so many packets under load that linux simply isn't an
> > acceptable platform for their product? This is most recently in reference to
> You mean one single vendor whose monitoring product is optimised for BPF
> and who hasnt considered writing a BPF module for Linux moans a lot.

yep, and the other bandwagon jumpers.

> Yeah SOCK_PACKET sucks in relative terms for high speed capture of packets.
> As to firewalls/routing 2.2 is fast. If we can get fastroute caching firewall
> rules in 2.3.x we'll really kick butt.

most excellent. i love driving the baddest OS on the block.

btw, is there a whitepaper or simile that weighs the merits of skbuff and mbuff against
each other? i'd like to have artillery at hand to defend when assailed by bsd zealots.


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