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SubjectRe: 2.3 wish: integrate pcmcia into mainstream kernel
In article <>, Mark Lord <> wrote:
>Alan Cox wrote:
>> Finally people want to install Linux on *second hand* machines. Hell if we
>> wanted to support just new stuff we could drop PCMCIA (cardbus has replaced
>> it), drop modems (you've all got cablemodem right), and anything lower
>> than a PII processor
>That's not the issue here, Alan.
>We already have the means to install linux on just about memory-limited
>all older laptops -- use a boot floppy with a smaller initrd.
>The fancy larger initrd, *if* it's too large for 8MB, is only
>needed for the latest boot-from-cdrom systems anyway.

How hard would it be to allow the kernel to take two initrd parameters.

I.e. load two initrd images.

This would allow initrd to be broken into an image for tools and multiple
images for the drivers required for booting (only one of which would be
used). The end result is that only the required drivers need to be loaded
into the RAM disk.

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