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    SubjectRe: VAIOs and Linux (was Re: 2.3 wish: integrate pcmcia into mainstream kernel
    In article <>,
    Anil B. Somayaji <> wrote:
    >The VAIO PCG-505TS (and the other 505s, I think) comes with a port
    >replicator, with two PS/2 ports, a video out, a serial port, and a
    >parallel port.

    And the other VAIO's don't. The small picturebook VAIO, for example,
    comes with firewire, USB, video, audio, modem and IR. And nothing else.
    The only way to connect a floppy to it is through the USB (the thing
    comes with a USB floppy) or with a PCMCIA card.

    Even then the video is a "compressed formfactor" thing that requires a
    special cable. Which in fact is a much better solution than the one I
    have seen on larger laptops, where they often use a regular VGA
    connector but then have so little space around it that many VGA cables
    still do not work without whittling the plastic down from around the

    >I've been very happy with my VAIO, and I have to complement Sony on
    >producing a great small, relatively fast laptop that also happens to
    >be extremely Linux-friendly.

    I also really like the VAIO. It's good engineering from all I can tell,
    but the engineers also obviously decided that they'd be able to go the
    extra mile in being compact only by depending on modern devices. A
    choice I like, as I'm getting tired of all the legacy stuff around.

    But easy to install? Nope.


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