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SubjectRe: The stability crisis
I think the problem may have something to do with the size of the oops
information and how much is left on the screen. I am doing Alpha
development here, and virtually every oops I get a) double oopses and b)
leaves no traces in dmesg or the log. In this situation, the first oops
is long gone before I can even see it, and the second one is more than
half gone by the time it's done, which means what I see on the screen is
close to useless. At present this is not a sufficiently critical issue
for us that we need to dive in and debug them, and when it becomes one I
suspect we'll wire up the serial line for a more persistent tracking
device (like a serial printer, a la Ingo's suggestion elsewhere on this

Just my $.02, and only for a part of the issues Linus notes.

Linus Torvalds wrote:
> So why didn't you even include a ksymoops version of the crash? Or a good
> hardware description? People do try to follow it, but it's not as if I've
> seen very good reports even from people who say it's obviously bad. And
> others are completely unable to reproduce the problem, so..
> Right now the problem is (a) lack of good data and (b) the fact that there
> were very few changes between 2.2.7 (which many claim is stable) and 2.2.9
> (which many claim is broken). The major changes were actually just reverts
> of 2.2.8 (which _was_ badly broken due to fs) - the majority by far is
> actually ARM, Sparc, PPC and alpha merges..
> SMP?
> MTRR enabled?
> gcc version?
> Quotas?
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