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SubjectRe: The stability storm in a tea cup
>>>>> "Dominik" == Dominik Kubla <> writes:

Dominik> On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 08:56:41AM +0000, Steve Underwood
Dominik> wrote:
>> Why all this complexity. Leave a camera on the desk, and take a
>> picture when the big moment comes (try a fast film, a fairly slow
>> exposure and a steady hand - the picture should be pretty readable
>> from experience). No serial cables, no time consuming
>> configuration, no errors when writing things down quickly, no
>> delays in booting.

Dominik> Wouldn't it be nice if we could define a line printer as
Dominik> secondary console? (Those of you still remembering the old
Dominik> teletype terminals know what i mean.) Then one could simply
Dominik> attach an old spare dot-matrix printer to a free parallel
Dominik> port and have an instant hardcopy of any oopsen that might
Dominik> occur...

Linux/m68k will actually do this, it should be fairly simple to hack
something like this for the 8255 style parallel port.


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