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SubjectRe: If we cannot trim subject lines...
Mark-Andre Hopf wrote:
> (a) Because it prevents the normal user from messing around with the
> internal of the `directory' and with it preventing the application
> programmer from adding tons of code to detect and workaround unexpected
> changes.

All proposals so far don't _prevent_ the users, even normal ones, from
messing around with the internals. Frankly any reliable application is
going to have to deal with unexpected data in the file anyway.

> (b) The normal user expects a `bunch of data' in a single file, not in a
> directory.
> (c) The content of the `directory' isn't of interest to the user but to some
> applications.

These points merely argue for something that behaves like a directory
but doesn't look like one in an `ls' listing.

The only compelling reason I can see is:

(1) Ordinary users wish to copy/move compound files as a single unit,
attach them to emails and put them on web sites.

Which argues for automatic conversion to/from flat form on demand.
It could be done in user space, and a kernel hook could make it
transparent for all programs.

-- Jamie

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