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Subject[OFF-TOPIC] Re: Norton Utilities for Linux ?
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From: Oystein Viggen <>
To: Marco Ermini <>
Cc: <>; Linux Kernel Mailing List
Sent: Monday, June 28, 1999 8:44 PM
Subject: Re: Norton Utilities for Linux ?

> I have an ext2 partition with over 5% fragmentation (as reported by
> fsck). I don't know if that makes me _need_ a defrag tool, thogh...

Maybe this is a little kernel-related,
so I could say my 5c worth: no, you don't
necessary need a defrag tool. It's not ever
worth to have a 0% fragmentation in any case.

> I believe "people"(TM) would buy a NU for Linux, because "people" have
> already bought NU for NT which, in my experience, is just a collection
> of frontends, speed reducers and memory hogs. (NDD is essentially a
> [snip]



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