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    SubjectRe: WevDAV anyone?
    > I know but only as server. What I am more interested in would be
    > a sort of mount point where I can mount the zope webdav export
    > and copy files there etc. as I would do normally.
    > A linux webdav filesystem would also have the advantage that one
    > would not have to incorporate webdav support into every application
    > (I am speaking of clients here not servers). Thus the only solution
    > which makes sense (IMHO) to do add webdav support to the kernel.
    > > Last I heard, though, there was little support for the idea of building
    > > Zope into the kernel, so this might not be the place for discussion on this
    > > topic...
    > Well these are different things to a) build a whole application server
    > into the kernel and b) to add a new filesystem to it.

    I don't know how WebDAV could fit in a filesystem -- it makes heavy use
    of properties which can't be represented as a normal file. Besides that it
    remains the same as the open("") thread seen a couple
    of days ago.


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