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SubjectRe: WevDAV anyone?

> > I am not wondering if anyone wants to do something like that under
> > Linux (means, writing a webdav filesystem which acts as a client.
> > A webdav server in addition to NFS would maybe also be interesting
> > but maybe not that important..)
> > Or if someone maybe has started already..
> Zope does WebDAV -

I know but only as server. What I am more interested in would be
a sort of mount point where I can mount the zope webdav export
and copy files there etc. as I would do normally.
A linux webdav filesystem would also have the advantage that one
would not have to incorporate webdav support into every application
(I am speaking of clients here not servers). Thus the only solution
which makes sense (IMHO) to do add webdav support to the kernel.

> Last I heard, though, there was little support for the idea of building
> Zope into the kernel, so this might not be the place for discussion on this
> topic...

Well these are different things to a) build a whole application server
into the kernel and b) to add a new filesystem to it.


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