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SubjectRe: albods are not a clean set of orthogonal primitives (was Re: File systems are semantically impoverished compared to database and keyword systems: it is time to change!)

On Fri, 25 Jun 1999, Alexander Viro wrote:
> How permanent is the association of such regular component with directory?
> Can you rename it away? Can you remove it? What happens if you do so? Can
> you create links to such animals? Where do they belong in that case? In
> other words, are they 1st-class objects or not? If we are losing almost
> all filesystem operations on such animals - what's the point of doing them
> in fs?
> Another thing being: do you want to have them as files in directory or
> as small tree in file? IOW, is it namespace issue (first variant) or a
> fast equivalent of mounting via loopback device + namespace tricks?

I really think the thing should be something like just


Remember: it would be implemented as if it was an implied symlink, so you
can move them around and do whatever to them, it's just that there would
bea shorthand for opening a special name under the directory.

And it is ONLY a shorthand. Nothing more.


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