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SubjectRe: [off-topic] Microsoft IP Stack

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Josh Cohen (Exchange) wrote:

> particular example, if memory serves, the original IP stacks weren't
> produced on Unix, but on DEC machines. (eg, PDP-11, VAX)

Nope. DEC machines, right, but neither VAX nor -11. First VAX
implementation was very likely the BSD one (ARPA grant to UCB was exactly
for that). *The* first implementation was on PDP-10. Either TENEX or
TOPS-20. With completely different API, BTW. Non-UNIX stack on VAXen is
seriously younger - ask Cutler for details. -11... Dunno. 2.10BSD seems to
be the first there. IIRC RT-11 never got that. Maybe RSX did, but I never
heard of such event.

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