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SubjectRe: (reiserfs) Re: I discussed reading directories as files with jra, Stallman, and
Bill Huey <> writes:

> > you havent tried this, have you? The new 2.2 kernel includes a rather fast
> > file namespace cache implementation, it takes ~5 microseconds to look up a
> > file. Too slow?
> Things like .so file in /usr/lib, icons in /usr/something/ will be automatically
> skipped since this stuff is contained within the application or OS resource fork,
> so the search space for a particular file under HFS is much smaller in MacOS
> than with Win32/Unix since everything is treated as a file within those OSes.
> That's why a rather broken MacOS can search for a file name much faster than
> Win32/Unix, because there aren't that many files to search in the first place.
> All the libs/icons/sound file are not file within the FS.

Which is great on a _single user_ system like a Mac. But shouldn't be
done on a multi user system, as all of the above are just defaults
which can be overridden by multiple users at the same time.

James Antill --

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