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SubjectRe: FENRIS (nwfs) 1.4.2 Source Code Available,

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Jeff Merkey wrote:

> By the way, not to slam Linus or anything, but making the types of sweeping
> changes that were made between 2.0 and 2.2 in the file system architecturaly
> was unsound from an engineering perspective, although I do understand why it
> needed to change, most commercial software companies would have never
> allowed this to occur. The changes are what have broken Caldera's Netware
> clients and server software, and they are still working on it and getting it
> fixed.

Uhm, they had plenty of time during 2.1.xx to get their stuff ready for
2.2. If they didn't, its their own fault.

> Word of Advice -- these file system changes hurt Linux in the market because
> they delayed the commercial Linux vendors from getting key services up and
> running when customers needed them. In the future, we should not make such
> sweeping changes wuthout making certain there is still a method to support
> the old interfaces as well.

There is nothing preventing these companies from following kernel
development. Its not like 2.2 just dropped out of the sky one day with no

Andrew Kieschnick

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