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    SubjectLinux 2.2.10ac3


    o SCSI cmd_len fix (?? off linux-kernel)
    o IN2000 SCSI fixes for newer binutils (Alan Modra)
    o SMP scsi fixes (Marcelo Tosatti/me)
    o Tulip fix (Keith Owens)
    o Never oom init (Andrea Arcangeli)
    o Fix eepro100 ring alignment (Jes Sorensen)
    o Make sysrq runtime configurable (me)
    o Quota race fix updates (Jan Kara)
    o ARP crash fix (Alexey Kuznetsov)
    o Drop the problematic sangoma stuff (me)
    o Fix an NFS rpc out of memory handler (James Yarbrough)
    o Fix cadet data corruption bug (Fredrick Gleason)
    o Large nbd size fix (??)
    o Shaper device stats (Jordi Murgo)

    o LVM support (Heinz Mauelshagen)
    o Fix scsi and bttv symbol problems (me)
    o SCSI sleep handling bug fix (Chris Loveland)
    o Qlogic update (Chris Loveland)
    o Now assume all ZIP IDE floppy firmware is
    funny. Testing seems to imply it is (me)
    o Fix alpha compile bug (Daniel Frasnelli)

    o BTTV support for ultrasparc (DaveM)
    o Tridge is smbfs maintainers (Andy Tridgell)
    o Fix Coda includes (Arvind Sankar)
    o Fix mknod over knfsd (Pavel Krauz)

    What is different between 2.2.10 and 2.2.10ac (main items)

    o System 5 file system supports V7 disk format
    o 2Gig support or some alphas
    o Choose 1 or 2Gig support for X86
    o APM update
    o Large file arrays
    o Sparc 64 bttv TV card support
    o Mappable DMA memory driver for the G200 3D project
    o WDT watchdog configure options (command line yet to do)
    o IBM PCI token ring driver
    o ARLAN driver
    o Sealevel systems 4021 driver
    o SEEQ 8005 driver can be a module
    o SCSI-2 names known by the scsi loggers
    o Better handling of out of memory during scsi load/unload
    o SCSI error handler doesn't stop initrd unloads
    o Experimental sb mode enablers for ESS Maestro-1
    o Misc small sound fixes
    o ESS sound fixes (WIP)
    o VGA16 console support
    o Quota race fixes
    o Faster NFS client layer
    o Updated knfsd
    o Updated Sangoma drivers (seem to have bugs)
    o gethere trick for better network code generation
    o drop kernel lock on some performance critical user access paths
    o Multipath routing
    o Updated ksymoops package

    Alan Cox, Building #3 Red Hat Software
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