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    SubjectRe: UUIDs (and devfs and major/minor numbers)
    From said:
    > grub is all but dead, AFAIKS. Or is a version after 0.5 hiding
    > somewhere?

    > Any tips to get it to work? The documentation is singularly opaque (or
    > maybe I'm just being dumb ;)

    First tip: Don't compile with any of the compilers that come with RH 5.2 -
    they both miscompile it. I only actually got it to compile with an egcs
    snapshot on my College machine, which I've since updated to RH 6.0. I haven't
    tried it on 6.0 yet.

    The symptom of the miscompile was that the machine just locked up on booting,
    after reading grub off the floppy.

    Secondly, if you actually manage to compile it, comment out the 'clever' mem=
    argument which it passes to the kernel. It thinks it knows better, but in
    practice it rarely does any more.

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