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    SubjectRe: Why khttpd is a bad idea
    Dan Hollis wrote:
    > Exactly. In-kernel http is lower memory profile, simpler, and faster.
    > All are major issues in embedded systems.

    Hate to burst this bubble, but what is the use of a completely static web
    server on an embedded device? None. If you can't use dynamic pages then
    you can't report status, and if you can't handle some kind of CGI or
    whatever else, then you can't do dynamic configuration. Which means you'll
    need a CGI-capable web server running in user space anyway to do useful work
    in an embedded device. Thus, no memory savings. The extra memory for
    in-kernel khttpd might even matter on an embedded device, so I doubt it
    would get used anyway.

    Sure, you might be able to make things marginally faster -- just remember
    there is a cost there, too. There's a reason that all processes don't run
    at privelege 0, and that's because it makes the system less reliable.

    Chris Smith

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